January 28, 2023


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Everyone remembers Kasia from the movie "Dad".  What happens to her now?  - O2

Everyone remembers Kasia from the movie “Dad”. What happens to her now? – O2

Participation in the film “Dad” by Alexandra Maliszewska was her first appearance on the big screen. She played Kasia, i.e. the 7-year-old daughter of Michał (Bogusław Linda) and Ewa (Ewa Segda) Sulecki.

Cassia was a sad girl with beautiful eyes. She ideally found herself in the role of a lost child. Therefore, it was expected that an acting career would be open to her.

Two years later, Maliszewska appeared in the movie “Sara”. She also had an episode in “The 13th Outpost” and also participated in the television show of the smallest movie “Pearls of Happiness Don’t Give” (1999).

She later retired from acting. For many years she remained somewhere in the shade.

What is Cassia doing from the movie “Dad”?

In her profile on filmpolski.pl we can find information that she left the shadows in 2013 to participate in the school film “Gold Fish”. Five years later she will likely have an episode in the 1887 episode of “The Colors of Happiness” – information provided shows that she appeared in it as a cleaner. However, it is not known if it will definitely be her.

Later, Maliszewska did not appear on the screen anymore. From the information, it can be concluded that she began to work as a make-up artist, among other things in the Rome Musical Theater.

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