Even the PKO does not believe in PLN.  A big novelty is in the pipeline

PKO BP has submitted an interesting application to the patent office regarding the PLCoin name and logo. Is the bank planning its cryptocurrency?

PKO BP has reserved a new word and graphic tag that may be associated with cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets – to inform the site non cash. Is the bank planning to create its own digital currency?

The case began in 2017, when PKO BP registered several names with the patent office, for example PLCoin, Pola Coin or Poland Coin. But at that time, none of them had received the emblem. In any case, the bank itself confirmed that this was a precautionary measure.

PKO BP with its cryptocurrency?

Now the situation is completely different, because PLCoin is not only a proprietary name, but also a proprietary logo, which looks like this:


On this basis, we can assume that PKO BP is already working on some kind of cryptocurrency. All is cheered by the fact that more than two years ago the bank received funding from the National Center for Research and Development. An amount of over 6 million PLN was to be spent on blockchain technology grants. It is enough to add 2 to 2 to draw interesting conclusions.

PKO BP has not commented in any way on the matter yet, so we can only speculate at the moment.

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Text source: Cashless.pl

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