Evaluation of COVID-19 |  According to public health, there are two sizes to avoid the fourth wave

Horacio Aruda said Tuesday that Quebec will not resist the fourth wave if vaccine protection is not adequate for the entire population. The National Director of Public Health reiterated the importance of obtaining two doses of the vaccine.

Coralie Lapland

Coralie Lapland

Pierre-Andre Normandin

Pierre-Andre Normandin

“We are relatively saved, but with the increase in contacts and the start of the school year in August everything could change,” Horacio Aruda told a news conference.

At the center of Quebec’s concerns is the arrival of new variants. “Get vaccinated [avec les] Two sizes. One is not enough; Even if it is not in circulation, it may come back, ”he said, referring to the corona virus and attacking the national director of public health.

“But one thing is for sure, the vaccine is the solution,” said Health Minister Christian Dupe for his part.

“We know vaccines […] Delta is very effective when used in two-dimensional form against variation, ”explains Benoit Barbio, professor of biology and virologist at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

After all, the expert believes that the fourth wave will “happen” for sure.

“When the majority of Quebec people approach face-to-face classes and return to work, there will be more contact with people. Activities may not be as controlled as they are now,” the virologist said.

According to Emeritus Mary-Franz Reynolds, a professor of social and preventive medicine at the University of Montreal (ESPUM) School of Public Health, “it will be more than a wave.” However, he hopes that adequate vaccination will reduce the rate of further increase in safety cases.

“The second dose, people are rushing to get it. It’s very encouraging to see what can happen in the fall. [Mais] That doesn’t mean we can’t have a case, ”M maintainsMe Renault.

COVID-19 is also losing land in Quebec. As of Monday, areas of Pass-Saint-Laurent, Sagune-Lock-Saint-Gene, Mauritius and Center-to-Quebec will go under the green alert.

The announcement of other relaxations in the summer was not rejected by Quebec.

“There will be some changes, especially at the color levels [aux paliers] Yellow and green, all of which are taken into account in epidemiology, ”said Horacio Aruda.

The implementation of the “blue layer” in the fall is also being considered.

Difficulties with Click Santa

AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines are available again in a second dose by appointment, for eligible age groups, Quebec announced Tuesday.

Those who receive the first dose of AstraZeneca who want to get another vaccine can request it on site. This is especially the case with modern supplements, which make it possible to provide an alternative solution to the estrogen vaccine.

Quebec, in fact, expects to receive 1.6 million doses of Moderna over the next two weeks, or 500,000 more than the number initially planned.


Quebecs are often called back to the site to see if there are any vacancies. The situation needs to be rectified in the coming days, promises Daniel Barre, director of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign in Quebec.

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For those who wish to advance their appointment for their second dose, a time slot will be provided at the location where they received their first injection. However, if desired, one can attend a walk-through vaccination center where the initially obtained vaccine will be given.

As of Wednesday, a portal will be available to allow vaccinated people to download proof of vaccination. Those who experience difficulties due to errors in entering their personal information in the computer system will have to go to the vaccination clinic to have them corrected.

“At that point, if not advised, you can get your second dose,” Christian Dubey said.

Quebec continues to deliver vaccines at a good pace. To date, 5.8 million Quebecs have received at least one dose or 68.2% of those aged 12 and over. Of this number, 1,020,835 received two or 11.9%.

A lighter balance

The virus continued to flatten in the curve province. 105 new COVID-19 cases were reported in public health in Quebec on Tuesday, down 18 from the previous day.

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The daily seven-day average is now 158. This represents a 30% drop in a week.

Four more deaths were reported on Tuesday. The average was consistent with three deaths per day associated with the effects of the virus.

The burden of the health network continues to decline. The Ministry of Health and Social Services on Monday registered at least five hospitals for a total of 209 people treated for COVID-19.

Approximately 50% of the population is asymptomatic with a second infection

According to the Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Quebec, 1,522 people were infected with COVID-19 in 90 days. Of these, 48% became infected for the second time. In addition, 778 people were infected with the virus twice at short intervals from 60 to 89 days. Therefore, the regeneration rate ranges from 0.3% to 1.7%.

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