European Commission President: Bokza’s crime was part of the Russian plan to eliminate Ukrainians

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday that Butcha’s crime is part of Russia’s plan to eliminate Ukrainians. A year ago, Ukrainian forces liberated Bokza near Kiev, which has become a symbol of Russian war crimes because of the horrific discovery there.

What happened a year ago in Bokza was not an isolated episode. These cold-blooded executions were part of a larger plan. The Kremlin plan to eliminate Ukrainians. their national identity. War criminals will be brought to justice von der Leyen stated in a released video.

Europe has not forgotten

We will continue to support efforts to hold Putin accountable for the crime of aggression. To this end, we continue to support the establishment of a special court, if necessary. We want justice for Ukraine and Ukrainians she added.

Pusha, Izyum, Mariupol. Codes of Russian crimes in Ukraine

Bucha, Izyum and Mariupol are points on the Ukrainian map that have become symbols of crimes committed by Russia after it began …

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So is the President of the European Council, Charles Michel He emphasized on Twitter that Europe had not forgotten the crimes.

Russian war crimes symbol

A year ago, crimes were committed against innocent people in Bokza. And a year later, we haven’t forgotten about it. Those responsible for these crimes will be held accountable in Ukraine.” confirmed.

On March 31, 2022, Ukrainian forces liberated Bosha near Kiev. After expelling the Russians who had occupied the city for a month, mass graves of civilians were discovered, and dozens of corpses lay in the streets, often bearing signs of torture. The scale of the atrocities, the horrific photos and accounts of survivors have made Butcha a symbol of the Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine. The Russians killed more than 400 residents of Bucha.

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