European Championships in Munich 2022. Pyotr Tarkovsky with injury in the qualifying rounds of the long jump - European Athletics Championships in Munich

The 23-year-old made no secret that he was going to Munich for a high profile in the final. “The most important party of the season so I focus on it like no other!” – He recently wrote on his Instagram account.

First jump and injury

Unfortunately, the Polish actor had to put his dreams on hold after his good first attempt during the qualifying rounds on Monday. Soon after landing in the sandbox, Tarkovsky screamed in pain and immediately grabbed his left ankle. When the trial was burned, stroke was not measured.

Source: Newspix Tarkovsky grabbed his leg as soon as he tried

At the moment, it was still unknown what exactly happened to the Pole, but after his coach’s sad face, it was clear that his disciple would not return to fighting for the final.

The competitor, who this year in Suwałki became the Polish champion, called the medical services – he was not able to walk, with the help of doctors, he was taken on a stretcher.

Source: Newspix Tarkovsky sustained an injury in the qualifying rounds of the long jump

The long jump final is set for Tuesday at 20:27.

On the first day of the European Championship, the Poles have two medals. Alexandra Lisowska won the marathon, and in the classification of the Piao Zeroni team she won a bronze medal.

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