December 6, 2022


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Europe is shocked because the Indian throws the javelin.  Poland is the best, the Germans sent tourists to M Athletics

Europe is shocked because the Indian throws the javelin. Poland is the best, the Germans sent tourists to M Athletics

We can comfort each other. Poland was the best in Europe during the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene. In the medal table and points table, we took 8th place thanks to the youth medals: Bowe Vajdijk (gold) and Wojciech Nowicki (silver) and Katarzyna Zdzieb³o’s infantry (two silver). In this first ranking, Poland was the only country from Europe to reach the top ten. It is an unparalleled defeat for the ancient continent. Athletes from Europe did not score such poor results at the World Championships. They had the worst performance in history Germany (gold and bronze), the French won only one medal (Kevin Meyer gold in the decathlon).

Europe Retreat from the rest of the world

France He is, unfortunately, in his place – suspended after competing the former European champion in the 110m hurdles and French Athletics Federation director Stephane Carrestan, who said he does not count on more. He added in a statement to France Info that it is Europe that is moving backwards in relation to the rest of the world. – During the Olympics in Sydney Europe has won nearly every second medal in athletics competitions. Now less than every third in this tournament.

Spiridonow laughed at the Polish volleyball team after playing in LN

When you only look at the gold medals, Europe’s achievements seem much more modest. Of the 50 competitions, Europeans won only nine, and, interestingly, even in the so-called technical disciplines, that is, primarily in throws, in which they usually dominate the rest of the world, they get worse and worse results.

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A few pebbles are better than the European powers

– There are small nations now, little pebbles in the Caribbean that will achieve their medals. Until a few years ago, Karstan says, this was not the case. – Last year we saw the Olympic javelin champion who is an Indian. A few years ago we would not have imagined that a country outside of Europe could bring its medals home in throwing majors, and that is the case now.

Athletics in the worldFinal M¦ w Eugene medal standings. Poland is the best in Europe

This time the Indian, Neeraj Chopra, who shocked the Europeans so much in Tokyo, became the runner-up in the world. The medal was won by Anderson Peters of Granada. This is the “pebble” in the Caribbean that Karstan was talking about. Thanks to the Peters medal and the vice world championship of Kierani James, Granada – a country of 108 thousand. of the population, which is about the same as Wa³brzych – it ranks higher in the medal table than Germany, Italy or France.

Of the eight throwing events, Europeans won only twice. Out of 24 medals in this field for athletics, they gave the rest of the world 15. In terms of technical events, one of the most unusual medals of the tournament was Ernst John Obiena in the pole vault. The Filipino, who finished eleventh at the Tokyo Olympics, this time set the Asian record with a score of 5.96 m and won the bronze medal for his country, the first in history.

The Germans were hoping for a momentum, but they sent in the tourists

Germany also recorded the worst performance in the history of the World Cup in Eugene. They had to wait for the gold medal until the last day, when Malaika Mihambo won the long jump competition. However, this did not soften the fatal impression. 80 German players won only two medals and seven places in the finals featuring eight players.

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NeymarNeymar won a penalty kick for Paris Saint-Germain. discontent. The judge has been arrested

– In the medal table (1 gold, 1 bronze), Germany took 19th place – just behind Uganda, who sent only 17 players to the United States. The German team – unfortunately, it must be said sharply – consisted mainly of tourists – commented Jörg Leopold of

The Polish team consisted of half of the players less than Germany – 45 people and in the points classification they scored 17 points more than their rivals across the western border.

The Germans were particularly interested in Eugene’s good performance. From August 15 to 21, the European Championships will be held in Munich. A good performance during the World Cup was supposed to lead the fans to the stadium. At the World Championships, we wanted to get a big boost ahead of the European Championships. Only good results will stimulate the appetite for more. Unfortunately, we did not meet our expectations – said the President of the German Athletics Federation Jürgen Kissing