Eurojackpot 10/22/2021.  Official drawing results, check the figures drawn

The official Eurojackpot results after the draw on Friday 22nd October are now known. Sweden won the main prize of 11 million euros. In contrast, in Poland, the two highest wins were of the fourth degree – in the amount of more than 183,000 PLN each.

Eurojackpot 10/22/2021 – Numbers Drawn

On Friday, October 22 at the Eurojackpot, the following numbers were drawn: 15, 33, 34, 38, 43 as well as 3 and 7.

Eurojackpot – win

In the Eurojackpot draw on Friday, there were 45 million PLN to be won. This is the effect of the foreclosure that was broken a week ago, then the lucky slip was sent in Germany.

This time, in the second draw in a row, the main prize was won again. The voucher has been sent to Sweden, and the winner will receive €10,754,545.60.

On Friday, two 4th class wins in the amount of PLN 183,314.10 were recorded in our country and that was Poland’s highest gain in today’s drawing. Please note that the above amount will be reduced by paying the tax office. 10% is charged for every win over PLN 2,280. tax. As we read on the lottery site, it is collected when the winnings are paid and transferred by Totalizator Sportowy to the tax office.

As a result of breaking the jackpot, in the next drawing on October 29, 45 million PLN will be won again.

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Eurojackpot – rules of the game, order

Eurojackpot is a European numbers game launched in March 2012. On September 9, 2017, Totalizator Sportowy, owner of the Lotto brand, introduced it to the Polish market.

The wagering fee is 12.50 PLN. The player chooses 5 of 50 numbers and 2 of 10 numbers. He can choose his numbers or rely on fate. The bet is placed on the next draw.

More than a dozen European countries participate in the game.

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