Euro 2024. Robert Lewandowski after Poland’s defeat by Austria

Lewandowski suffered a tear in his biceps femoris muscle in a friendly match against Türkiye. Later, at an event in Germany, he cheered for his teammates from the bench in the match they lost to the Netherlands (1-2).

“There was a lack of peace”

– If you lose the match 1:3, it’s hard to say it should have looked different. We didn’t start the game well, but the second part of the first half was definitely better. The second goal might have clipped our wings, so it’s definitely unfortunate. There were mistakes in positioning and maintaining positions, which is why the Austrians created chances – analyzed in an interview with TVP Sport.

“I think there was no such balance today,” said Lewy, intending to combine possession of the ball with calming the game by creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Lewandowski returned to play in the match against Austria, but Poland lost

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During the match, between the 15th and 20th minutes of the first half, Lewandowski approached Probers’ assistant coach, Sebastian Melli, and began to explain something to him. What was the matter?

– Insights about tactics, positioning and approaching the opponent. I think the coaches saw that too. Sometimes you notice something, he explained.

Did the Austrians surprise the Poles?

– I don’t know if you can say they surprised us with something. We knew the way they played. Moreover, it can be corrected on the field. There was not enough peace to stay put and wait a while. The score of the match was late somewhere. He said: We wanted to show our best and achieve victory, but the Austrians took advantage of the opportunities they had in the second half and it was difficult to do anything after that.

“You have to show yourself”

We have another match ahead of us, and we will deal with it in a way that allows us to play to our full potential. We know who we are playing against, but we certainly will not give up. We know how strong this opponent is. Maybe today we feel depressed, but in this last match we also have to show our best – said “Lewy”

Finally, Lewandowski is perhaps the only good news after the match against Austria: that he is healthy.

– Everything is fine with my health. I fought hard to help and in today’s match I didn’t feel any pain.

Matches of the second round of the group stage
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