Ethical Mistakes: Dr. Lacroix "went too far"

The Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians is the owner of Lacroix Medical Clinics.R. Mark Lacroix, guilty of two ethical mistakes, believes he has gone “too far” by criticizing the WHO and Quebec’s public health, thus damaging the reputation of the medical profession.

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The owner and founder of the private Lacroix Medical Clinics, Dr.R. Mark Lacroix is ​​facing a protocol complaint for a series of interviews with former CHOI Radio X presenter Jeff Fillian since the summer of 2020, and for several Facebook posts against health measures. The complaint was filed by Olivier Bolduc, a private reporter who will be the Quebec Solitaire candidate in the next election in Jean-Dalலோn.

After lengthy investigations, D.C.R. In two of the seven charges in the complaint, Lacroix was found guilty of misconduct. Dr. who is one of the three members of the Disciplinary Board.R. Petru-Lucian Comanita, however, expressed his opposition and released DR. Lacroix found that the respondent had exercised his right to freedom of expression.

Do a good show

However, this is not the opinion of the other two members of the Council, who are strongly judging the views expressed by the Doctor.R. Lacroix in an interview with CHOI on May 8, 2020. The DR. Lacroix specifically said “Stop listening to the WHO”: “We see DR. Arruda with his beautiful WHO pin … I think the WHO was not credible from the beginning of this crisis, hiding information from the whole world.

This “whole heart attack on the WHO” is not worthy of a physician’s conduct, d.R. Lacroix “went too far”. “We quickly understand that tR. Lacroix exists to challenge the actions of the public health department and to have a good show with the host. ”

The council says it cannot act like it is arguing “among friends” with the host who was its advertising spokesperson. “DR. Lacroix was more interested in taking a position that would make him famous […] Rather than worrying about the effects of COVID-19, ”it wrote.

“Public person”

D.R. Lacroix failed in his ethical duties by making several publications on his Facebook page, especially Dr.R. Horacio Arruda, “pure madness” or “mask does not protect”.

The Council lists fifty publications that, by tone and frequency, are “devoid of elegance, class and dignity.” D.R. Although Lockroix posted on his personal Facebook page, he was not exempt from his ethical obligations.

The Council recalled throughout its decision, dR. Lacroix had the right to express his opinion, but since he was not an expert in the field of public health he must have been more careful and more restrained. Ms. President said her comments were therefore not professional and serious, and that they had reached a “level of seriousness” that would create an ethical error.e Mary-Josie Correvo.

D.R. Lacroix will have to appear at the hearing on the permit to know the disciplinary sentence to be imposed on him for the two ethical offenses for which he was found guilty.

Di’s reactionR. The cross

D.R. Lacroix released a statement Tuesday afternoon in response to the verdict against him. He stressed the opposition of one of the members to the final decision and noted that his lawyers would analyze the decision for the future, recalling that he was acquitted of five out of seven of the complaints.

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