Epic duel in new Gladiator 2 images. This development will surprise you

Vanity Fair magazine has published new photos of Gladiator 2 Directed by Ridley ScottThe comprehensive article also revealed details of the plot. We already know how Lucius, played by Paul Mescal, will arrive in Rome and, above all, what surprise awaits him there.

Epic Duel. New Photos from wrestler 2

Gladiator 2 – Conspiracy. This development will surprise you!

Below are the plot details wrestler 2. Description may contain spoilers!

Paul Mescal Th wrestler 2 He will play the role of Lucius. In cinema, it has been decades since we last saw the hero. He was no longer a child and by his mother’s orders he was raised beyond the reach of the Roman Empire. Although Lucilla’s intentions were pure, their unaware son resents her. As he grows stronger, he also feels growing resentment toward his mother, whom he has not seen in years.

At the beginning of the film, Lucius has a wife and a child. The family lives a relatively peaceful life until invaders from their homeland invade the area they inhabit. They are led by Marcus Acacius, played by Pedro Pascala star The last of usHis teacher was Maximus. Rossella sphericalWho we met in the first part. Lucius becomes Marcus’ prisoner.Although he should have only two choices – become a slave or die in the arena – Ridley Scott finally reveals the twist that awaits the hero in Rome:

The problem is that when he arrives in Rome as a prisoner and enters the first round in the arena, he sees his mother in the audience. He was shocked. Until now, he didn’t even know if he was alive. Because from where? There are no phones and no press. And in the royal box sits his mother, who still looks very good after 20 years. He stands next to the same general he next encountered in Numidia.

Lucilla has no idea that the man in the square is her son.. She is also unaware of the bloody history between him and the man she fell in love with. As you can imagine, later the swords of Lucius and Marcus Acacius would meet again on the battlefield. But this time, Paul Mescal’s character will stop at nothing to defeat the enemy. After all, there was nothing left to lose.

As he announces Connie Nielsen (The actress who plays Lucilla), as she does in all of Ridley Scott’s stories, an important theme will be how power affects people and what happens when there is nothing to control it. Mescal, in turn, asked about the truth of the matter wrestler 2He answered that “What people will do to survive, but also what they will do to win.”.

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