Entanglement between the most massive elementary particles has been confirmed
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A group of physicists working at CERN under the supervision of Professor Regina DeMina from the University of Rochester He demonstrated the existence of quantum entanglement between the most massive elementary particles, T-quarks (high quarks, real quarks). Entanglement involves linking objects together such that a change in the state of one of them results in an immediate change in the state of the entangled objects. This mysterious phenomenon bothered Albert Einstein so much that he called it “frightening action at a distance.”

So far we have observed quantum entanglement between stable particles such as photons and electrons. However, Professor DiMina and her team have linked unstable quarks with their antimatter counterparts, i.e. antiquarks, thus confirming the results of research conducted at CERN in recent months. Confirmation of entanglement between the heaviest elementary particles, T-quarks, opens the way to explore the quantum world at energies not previously available.Name the authors of the achievement.

T quarks, whose mass is equal to the mass of a gold atom, are created in particle accelerators. We are unable to use them practically, but investigating their entanglement and what might ultimately lead to the end of the entangled state can help us understand quantum phenomena better.

During the new measurements at CMS, the spin entanglement of the t-quark and the t-antiquark was examined for the first time. Both particles were located at a significant distance from each other. This distance was so large that the degree of entanglement observed could not be explained by the classical exchange of information between the two particles.We read in the post message.

As a recent college graduate, Regina DiMina was involved in the work of the team that discovered T quarks in 1995. Many years later, she co-led the team that built an instrument that played a key role in recording the Higgs boson.

Entanglement between the most massive elementary particles has been confirmed

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