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It was confirmed last weekend And They will not go to the UK to attend a party organized by them Respectfully It’s an event that will take place next Tuesday, October 19, at Kensington Palace, attended by about a hundred people, including the family and friends of Lady D, better known as the British singer. .

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Spokesmen for the Duke of Sussex confirmed last weekend that the media couple would not attend the memorial service, which was scheduled to be postponed due to restrictions on the epidemic. The reasons are unknown Restrictions on travel from the United States to the United Kingdom have been lifted, especially for those who decide not to travel.

Purpose of the meeting to be held in Kensington Thanks to the donors Your help to fund the statue It was revealed on his 60th birthday on July 1, but a Sussex spokesman confirmed this weekend that they would not be attending.

William of Cambridge and Henry of Sussex pay homage to their mother Diana of Wales. (Photo: AFP)

As I recall, Lady D’s youngest son already saw the statue during a ceremony last July. The opening ceremony of the sculpture coincided And Henry of Sussex, Separated for several months, For the first time since the funeral of his grandfather Felipe de Edinburgh last April.

Megan of Sussex last set foot on British soil in March 2020 when she attended the Commonwealth Day Conference in Westminster Abbey. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, two-year-old son of Sussex, Has not returned to the UK since December 2019, Her daughter, Lilliput Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, has not yet met her great-grandmother, .

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