[EN IMAGES] A festive reunion with Luke Combs

The love story between Quebec and Luc Combs was born this summer at the Festival d’Eat; It solidified Saturday evening at the Videotron Center. Four months after his conquest of the plains, the planet’s most popular folk artist has pocketed the capital’s amphitheater. Needless to say, with 14,000 tickets sold out at lightning speed, he’s on his way.

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The atmosphere, at its height, was beginning to be felt in the amphitheater’s parking lot, where Comps’ music was already playing at full volume in the cars. Many Videotron Center employees wore cowboy hats, as did hundreds of countrymen.

This second meeting with Quebec was just as intense as the first. If there were festival-goers in discovery mode at the FEQ in July, this time the audience, who experienced the disappointment of a postponed concert in the spring, won early.

Luke, Luke, Luke!

A small and noisy crowd (not a single free seat) greeted the love of the new country. During the opening ceremony that day thunder struck, of ACDC, the public jumped to never sit down again, but above all never stopped shouting every word in communion with their idol.

Rarely do we see such a strong connection from one end of a concerto to the other, without the slightest pause. At the end of each track, the crowd chanted “Luke, Luke, Luke”!

Luke Combs was quickly chained first 1, 2 Many, when it rains, should never have met you And cool like you, without missing its tradition of pausing two seconds before throwing a beer on the floor. “Hello Quebec! It’s great to be back,” he said.

Beer rain

Luke Combs, without letting go of his red glasses, continued to survey the stage, singing the same scene on the plains, with a few songs, with red-faced courage. He dropped two hits from his last album from his project.

In the Amphitheater formula, we were able to appreciate the ballads as much as the fantastic songs. Even if I leave, Better Together And JoeIn the audio version.

Between songs, the 32-year-old singer, whose magnetism is unique, delivered messages of hope and resilience. Of course, he was saving his big guns for last. Cowherds and cowherds were still vocal Pretty crazy And Hurricanes. After pleading loudly on the final lap, Luke Combs returned to deliver The kind of love we make.

Have you ever experienced a beer shower? The audience at the Videotron Center got to experience the final victory of the evening, Beer never broke my heart, Spectators started throwing their beers in the air, even those from the top of the stands. Never seen!

Combs has proven once again that new country has more of a place in our halls and festivals than ever before. He reassured us. “I’ll be back,” he assured us.

Two stars in first and second parts

Not all spectators had arrived early to greet Choice Beckham, who won at 19e reality tv season American idol He came to deliver pieces from his latest EP, launched in the spring. Already popular on the country planet, the young man more or less succeeded in raising the crowd.

Riley Green, like his compatriots, is enjoying relatively recent success, landing with a more dynamic proposition than his predecessor. The Alabama singer, who scored his first hit in 2018, cuts his nasally voice for country. There was this girl, There is no difficulty in heating the boards with him James Borrowed from rock.

Luke Combs performs at the Bell Center on November 18.

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