Emmanuel It is a novel published in French in 1967 by Emmanuel Arsan. It tells about the sexual adventures of the title character through a series of erotic and daring fantasies. The book was filmed in 1974, which gave rise to a popular and artistic cinema. For the first time very bold, but still within the bounds of good taste, erotic scenes hit the audience as a product available as part of mass culture, and the heroine became a symbol of sex and free love for many generations. Appeared in the main role Silvia KristelThe production was directed by Just Jaeckin.

He will play the role of Emmanuel in the new adaptation of the novel Lea Seydoux (It is not time to die). will direct the image Audrey DewanWinner of the Golden Lion of Venice for the film It happened. This will be her first appearance in an English language film. In addition, the director wrote the script with Rebecca Zlotowski.

new copy Emmanuel It will hit the cinema market in Cannes. Wild Bunch International and CAA Media Finance will present the project to buyers on Wednesday, May 18, during a presentation with Dewan.

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