Emmanuel Macron’s ‘crushing humiliation’ The Economist on France’s election

“A dramatic new era began in France on Sunday, June 30, when Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party took a huge lead in the first round of voting for the lower house of parliament,” we read on the party’s widely used website. Read the economic and political weekly. Let us remember that the National Rally party led by Le Pen received 34% according to opinion polls. Votes in the first round. Another vote next week.

The far right is on track to win between 230 and 280 seats out of 577 seats in the National Assembly. It has so far held 88 seats. This would make the National Front the largest party in Parliament.

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Le Pen’s “ten-year project” is beginning to bear fruit

“Ms Le Pen appears to be capitalising on her decade-long project to clean up her party, make her MPs look good and convince voters that it is not just about noisy protests, but about power,” The Economist wrote.

Remember that her group belongs to the National Front, co-founded by her father and a former member of the Nazi Waffen SS. One of her commitments is to waive the automatic right to French nationality for children born to foreign parents on French soil. We read: “He combines this with popular promises to reduce VAT on energy bills from 20 to 5.5 percent, lower the retirement age and restore the wealth tax.”

The Economist estimates that after successive governments from the right, left and centre, “voters, always disillusioned with those in power, now seem ready to choose a major party that has never governed before.”

The authority of the French president was “severely damaged.”

The economic weekly magazine stressed that “on the other hand, the vote was a crushing humiliation for the centrist coalition led by President Emmanuel Macron, Ensemble.”

He recalls that many of his MPs and closest allies, sensing impending doom, were horrified by his unexpected decision on June 9 to call early elections. This came as opinion polls showed Le Pen’s party leading in the European Parliament elections. Macron hoped this would strengthen his camp’s mandate to govern and seize Bardella’s weapons. Commentators saw it as an attempt to “legitimize” the next government.

This decision backfired spectacularly. The band received 20.3 percent. Votes nationwide. It is expected to lose more than half of its 250 seats; Ipsos forecasts indicate that it may retain up to 70 to 100 seats.

The Economist wrote that one of Macron’s deputies described it as “an absolute disaster.” The weekly has no doubt that the first round of voting clearly shows that “Macron’s centrist project and the president’s political authority will emerge from this election with serious damage.” Because even in cases where Macron’s candidates advanced to the second round, winning 12.5 percent of registered voters, they will face a tough battle.

If the coalition under the banner of the National Rally Party wins the majority, the country – as The Economist wrote – will move towards an uncomfortable “coexistence” between President Emmanuel Macron and the new government.

They have diametrically opposed views on almost everything from fiscal policy to Europe, Ukraine and NATO. The Fifth Republic’s constitution, drafted by Charles de Gaulle in 1958 precisely to ensure much-needed stability, could be severely tested, the article added.

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