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Emily Blunt reveals what happened between her and Cillian Murphy during the filming of “Oppenheimer”


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The idea of ​​acting out a brutal scene… Emily Blunt He hits Seliana Merviejo The film's director, Christopher Nolan, has gotten in his face several times. Although there are many opinions that this could have resulted in Blunt not only being nominated for an Oscar, but receiving it as well, in the end this shot did not appear in the film. To this day, the actress still feels great remorse towards her co-star and, in particular, towards her friend.

As he reported Emily Blunt The British press didn't like the idea from the start. The footage was recorded on a day when there was high tension on the set. Emotions shook in the air. Blunt, who played Kitty, the wife of physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer, recalls punching Murphy in the face. Right on his distinctive cheekbones.

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The actress revealed that after ten takes of the scene, her partner's cheekbones were huge and swollen. What's worse is that this scene was not used during the editing because of its brutality. The British actress does not hide the fact that she has repeatedly apologized to her film husband for this. Although he did not hold any grudge against her, this experience for her was one of the most difficult in her career so far.

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“Oppenheimer” Directed by Stover Nolana He received as many as 13 Academy Award nominations in the following categories:

– the best movie

– Guidance

– Modified scenario

– best actor

-Best Supporting Actor

-Best Supporting Actress

– music

– Sound production

– Description

– Special costumes


– the pictures

– stabilizing

He played the main role in the film Cillian Murphy (He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role), and he was accompanied on set by a group of distinguished actors, not only Emily Blunt (Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress), but also Gary Oldman, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr. (Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Role).

And on March 10 – during the Oscars in Los Angeles – they will both find out if these sacrifices are worth each other. Both are candidates.

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