Emily Blunt in Steven Spielberg’s new movie?  The “Oppenheimer” star is negotiating the role
Emily Blunt is in early talks to star in Steven Spielberg’s new mystery project. The film is a joint project between the legendary director’s Amblin studio and Universal.

Steven Spielberg returns to the topic of UFOs. What do we know about his new movie?

Steven Spielberg’s new film is being produced for Universal. The record company had just booked him. In America, the film will premiere on May 15, 2026. It is known that it will have two main characters. At the moment, it’s unknown who Emily Blunt will be starring in, unless she gets the role of course.

This is one of the few details we have about Spielberg’s project. The director did not reveal its title. Previous press reports indicate that the film was inspired by the director’s original idea. The screenplay is being prepared by David Koepp, a frequent Spielberg collaborator.

Although these are not confirmed reports, it is said that the film will be related to the theme of UFOs. Steven Spielberg owes a lot to aliens. “E.T.” is one of the biggest box office hits in history. Many viewers also remember and love his film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and the show “The War of the Worlds”.

The May date indicates that the new film will be a major production with great box office potential.

“Fabelmanowie” on the podcast I have some comments

Currently, Steven Spielberg’s filmography ends with the drama “Fabelmanns”. We remind you of the podcast episode I have some comments in which Julia Tacznowska and Jakub Bubilecki talked about:

Emily Blunt’s latest projects. Watch the trailer for the movie “Fantastic Creatures”

We’ve recently seen Emily Blunt, among others: in the miniseries The English Woman and the films Oppenheimer, Recipe for a Fraud and The Stunt Man. Her upcoming projects include: the family comedy-drama “Fantasticbeings,” in which he voices one of the characters.

The story of a girl who discovers that she can see the imaginary friends of everyone she knows. What does he do with this superpower? He will embark on a magical adventure to connect forgotten fantastical beings with those who care about them.

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