Emergency.  Subsequent arrests for illegal transfer of migrants

Podlasie police arrested three men on Tuesday. In their cars, they transported migrants who had previously crossed the Polish-Belarusian border.

Drivers are citizens of Germany, Georgia and Poland. Deputy Inspector Tomas Krupa, a Budlasie police spokesman, said two foreigners were arrested in erczyce.

A German citizen, after exceeding the speed by 20 km per hour in the morning. In a residential area, he was stopped by a traffic patrol. In the car were four Syrian citizens.

A Georgian citizen came to the same city after 13. He was arrested by policemen from Opole. Her Renault was carrying three Turks and five Iraqis.

The third Polish detainee. He disembarked in Hajnówka after 20. On board were six Turkish citizens. All drivers have been turned off.

Arrest after stalking

An Albanian citizen was detained for three months. Krupa added that he heard three charges, including active assault on policemen.

It’s about a man who didn’t stop in Semiticzi on Sunday to control a police patrol. As he was running away, he hit a police car and tried to push a police car off the road.

Actual assault on a policeman is punishable by up to 10 years in prison, up to eight years for helping to cross the border illegally, and up to five years for avoiding a vehicle search.

On Wednesday morning, police announced another arrest. After a chase on Monday on Highway 8 towards Warsaw, in Rzodziani, police stopped a car carrying 15 Iraqi nationals. The Citroen driver, a Georgian, was detained for three months.

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