Emergency.  Cabinet regulation on restrictions in the Code of Laws

On Thursday, President Andrei Duda issued a regulation on imposing a state of emergency in the border region with Belarus, that is, in part of the Podlasky and Lubelsky districts. The regulation was already published in the Journal of Laws and entered into force on the day of its publication. The tape will cover 183 cities (115 in the Podlasky district and 68 in the Lubelsky district).

The government requested a 30-day period to impose a state of emergency due to the situation on the border with Belarus. For three weeks, near Usnarz Górny near Krynki (Podlasie region), a group of immigrants who want to get to Poland live on the Belarusian side. According to the government, these and others are transported to the border by the services of the Belarusian regime, and the work is a “mixed war”. Usnarz Górny and Krynki are among the towns where a state of emergency has been in effect since Thursday noon.

The published decree signed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shows “limitations on liberties and rights” in connection with the declaration of a state of emergency on Thursday 2 September in part of Podlaskie Voivodeship and part of Lubelsky District.

In areas under the state of emergency, the possibility of organizing public gatherings, mass events, arts and entertainment has been suspended. Adults must have an ID or other identification document with them in public, and students under the age of 18 – School ID.

Non-residents are also prohibited from being in the emergency zone 24 hours a day. Exceptions are persons who provide services to the offices of the public administration and its organizational units; stay in these units to settle administrative matters; salaried employees of entities that conduct business in this field; Performing a permanent business activity in this field; Providing postal, courier, delivery and logistics services; Own real estate in this area. It also does not apply to farmers working on farms; Pupils, students and their parents during the study; guardians of children up to 3 years old; Persons who participate in worship, baptism, weddings, nuptials, and funerals.

The ban does not apply to rescue services, medical and other intervention services and people on their way to health care facilities, as well as people heading directly to or from the border crossing into the center of the country. Officers and employees of government services as well as soldiers and employees of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland who perform official duties may move around the region under a state of emergency.

It is also impossible to record objects and areas in any way including the border infrastructure, including photos of a border guard officer, police and soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces. They can only do the above. officers.

As stated in the regulation, in exceptional cases, it is possible to stay in the area covered by the state of emergency, if there are special and justified circumstances that indicate the necessity of direct contact with a person (who lives in the area where the state of emergency exists). Applied in emergency cases – editor), after obtaining the approval of the local specialist, the commander of the border guard station.

Access to information on activities in the area covered by the state of emergency related to the protection of state borders and the prevention and response to illegal immigration has also been restricted.

“Information regarding the restrictions imposed shall be made available to the public immediately by the relevant district by dissemination in public places, as well as in the usual manner at the locations listed in the area in which the state of emergency has been applied. Information ”- it is written in the regulation.

Restricted people must leave the emergency zone by midnight on Thursday, September 2, the day the ordinance was announced.

The regulation shall enter into force on the day of its publication

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