June 5, 2023


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"Emancipation" - Will Smith as a fugitive slave in the ranks of the Federation

“Emancipation” – Will Smith as a fugitive slave in the ranks of the Federation

Trailer for “Emancipation” – a movie whose production was questioned after the famous prank of Academy Award-winning Will Smith, first appeared on the web. Watch what the star looks like as a runaway slave who joined the Union Army during the American Civil War.

Emancipation – Watch the trailer for Will Smith’s new movie

Liberation – What do we know about the movie?

The movie is an original production for Apple TV +. The script is based on facts, it will be the story of slave Peter, who escapes from a farm owned by John and Bridget Lyons. After a long journey north, outnumbering dangerous poachers and surviving his treacherous journey through the swamps of Louisiana, he joined the ranks of the Union. When he exposed his back during the medical examination, photographs of the skin wounds were taken. The famous photographs that found their way into The Independent quickly became the definitive evidence of the brutality of the slave system.

Behind the film’s camera was Antoine Fuqua (“Death List” recently). In addition to the trailer, the production also received a premiere poster and premiere date. On December 2, the picture will be shown in cinemas, and a week later, on December 9, it will be broadcast.

Will Smith projects suspended

As a result of the Chris Rock slap, Smith’s film studios had to collaborate with planned projects that were postponed or abandoned. Sony has halted production of “Bad Boys 4,” the sequel to “Bad Boys for Life” — both Martin Lawrence and studio representatives confirmed after the March events that the movie would definitely come out. Netflix has stopped prioritizing production of “Fast & loose,” which director David Leitch left before the unfortunate gig. The future of the show has not been clearly announced in recent months.

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This pause is set to be interrupted soon – the actor has stepped in as a producer in Paramount’s upcoming film Brilliance. The film is based on a novel by Marcus Sacchi (published in Poland under the title “Dangerous Gift”). Filming is said to be a long-standing dream of Smith and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (“I, the Robot,” “Hancock,” “I’m a Legend”)