June 2, 2023


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Elon Musk will build a thousand powerful rockets. Noah’s Ark will fly to Mars

Elon Musk has been planning this for a long time and has already announced that he has an ambitious goal. Despite this, people are still amazed at his confidence and the fact that he wants to deliver a million people to Mars.

An eccentric billionaire and, according to many, also a genius. Elon Musk is known to like to set ambitious goals. company called SpaceX It was founded in 2002 and has been active in the aerospace industry ever since. It is known, among other things, to develop reusable rockets and strive to reduce costs related to space flight.

Starship It’s the apple of the eye Elon MuskBecause this impressive rocket is to allow to take the first steps in the colonization of space. First of all, savings, which are always of great importance in such expensive projects, are not forgotten. Starship is a two-stage spacecraft with a height of 120 meters. Once the first step is called so heavy It will do its job and won’t be needed, you should separate and then land. As a result, it can be reused, which significantly reduces expenses.

The second stage known as Starship has completely different applications, and one possibility is the transportation of people. Interestingly, SpaceX once suggested that the Starship would be able to serve as a very fast means of traveling on Earth. The two-minute show suggests that instead of buying a plane ticket, people will be able to buy a missile ticket. Combined with a top speed of 27,000 km/h, travel to anywhere on Earth is expected to take just under an hour.

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What’s called Ground-to-Earth Transportation, that is, transporting people with rockets from one point on Earth to another, is still a concept visible on SpaceX’s official website, so no one is giving up on this idea. Therefore, it remains to wait until this type of service is available.

Starship is a giant rocket, but Musk wants to produce more than 1,000

Anyone who has come to the conclusion that the above descriptions are unrealistic should now be prepared for something much more. Starship is a very heavy spacecraft, which, according to official information, has a lifting capacity of more than 100 tons. This should allow the efficient transportation of necessary goods, as well as people. where? to the planet Mars. Elon Musk isn’t kidding and he’s serious about colonizing the fourth planet from the Sun. Recently, on social media, the billionaire eagerly remembered his plans and also shared his thoughts.

Making life multi-planetary will broaden consciousness.
In addition, it also gets a reserve biosphere, which protects life as we know it from disaster on Earth.
Humanity is the protector of life because no other species can bring life to Mars. We cannot fail at this.

Ideas like this by Elon Musk were met with an open question from a Twitter user who simply wanted to know what his plan was. Musk’s response was surprisingly direct.

Build over 1,000 spacecraft to bring life to Mars. Basically it will be a modern version of “Noah’s Ark”.

During the interview, Musk indicated that the Starship would be a solution for traveling around the entire solar system. He later concluded that in relation to the planet Mars itself, it would be necessary to establish a city for mankind there. The project should require about 1,000 Starships, and Musk believes there could be about a million people flying there. The billionaire wants to let everyone who is interested and can afford to go to the Red Planet (it costs about $100,000).

Of course, staying the first colonists on Mars wouldn’t be a luxury experience. Elon Musk himself, despite his enthusiasm, asserts that it is dangerous, difficult and full of hard work. What’s called “pitch sales“Or trying to sell a trip to Mars, the ad, according to Musk, should be something like:”It will be dangerous, it will be crowded, you can lose your life, it will be difficult and there will be a lot of work“.

Marcin Hołowacz, journalist at Gadgetomania