Elon Musk said he doesn't care about patents

Elon Musk recently appeared on CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage” for presenters at the Texas Spacex “Starbase.”

During the trip, chief SpaceX And the Tesla Leno showed a factory that produces rockets, a place to test them, and even his own spaceport. The site has been internally named “Starbase” by employees. Among other things, the famous is being built there Starship (who had a blast accident this summer).

It should be noted the words that Elon Musk said after asking Leno if he SpaceX Patent for materials used in the production of new spacecraft.

I don’t care about patents. Patents for the weak.

Musk also mentioned that obtaining new patents is not a priority for his companies. When asked to expand, he stated that patents are used in a way that is inconsistent with their idea today. They are used to prevent other companies from accessing innovative technologies, not to help create new things.

They are used like landmines in war – they don’t actually help advance things. They just stop others from following you

In 2014, Elon Musk issued a memo to Tesla employees in which he also spoke out against patents, because he believed the company’s success depended on its ability to attract the best talent, not on managing the patent portfolio. In addition, on the site Tesla In the technology rights section, you can find the promise The company will not file patent claims against anyone with good intentions to use its technology.

Such actions by Musk are certainly commendable, and it is hoped that other big tech companies will one day adopt a similar model.

Sources: technology.org, cnbc.com

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