Elon Musk reveals when we're going to Mars

Not from today?? It is well known that one of Elon Musk’s aspirations is a manned journey to Mars and beyond colonization. During the recent period intelligence With Lex Friedman The head of SpaceX was asked when?? for his company?? People will put their feet on the red roof planets (27:43). This question got Musk thinking for about 20 seconds, after which he admitted he would be at best in five years, and at worst in ten.

Doug Mosca The critical issue in this matter is money and means of transportationThat would take the crew to Mars orbit. Make sure that the spacecraft?? A rocket with a knife and a spacecraft developed by SpaceX?? Is “the most advanced and comprehensive missile ever? (28:32).

However, the spacecraft still needs some improvement before it is ready to achieve its goal. The team working on the Starship rocket It will first have to reduce the amount of fuel it consumes as much as possible, which will translate into a significant reduction in the costs of the mission to Mars.. According to Musk, money is the main reason why humanity has not reached the surface of the Red Planet (29:12):

At this point, right?? Able to fly to Mars for a trillion dollars. No ticket amount (??) will be guaranteed to you. We don’t want to just leave the flags and footprints on Mars, and then not go back there for another half century, as was the case with the lunar missions.

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