Elon Musk is threatening because the vote didn’t go his way.  “Be careful what you wish for.”

Elon Musk Create a survey asking the following question: “Should I step down as president TwitterNetizens cast more than 17.5 million votes, and the majority of respondents – 57.5 percent – voted for the billionaire to resign. The poll ended Monday at 12:20. What did Musk say?

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We can’t afford an apartment and Musk taking over Twitter. See how [Next Station]

Elon Musk resigns as president of Twitter?

After the vote ended, the billionaire warned users to “be careful what you wish for, because they might get it,” but also began to excuse himself from respecting the results of the poll. He said: No one wants The jobthat can keep twitter alive. There is no successor,” adding later that “whoever wants power deserves it less than that.” Elon Musk However, he did not directly indicate the unfavorable outcome.

Among those looking to replace Musk is Lex Friedman, the artificial intelligence researcher who has offered to run Twitter for free. “Let me run Twitter a little bit. No a wage– wrote the billionaire, and the billionaire replied: You must love pain very much. One point: You’ll need to invest your life savings in Twitter, which has been on its way since May bankruptcy. Do you still want this job? ”

Will Elon Musk give in under pressure from investors and netizens?

in between websites There have been unconfirmed reports that the vote had no effect on Musk’s decision from the start. An anonymous investor wrote on Twitter: “His Saudi and Qatari investors asked Elon to step down. He was told to find a CEO and leave.”

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There is no clear opinion among netizens on how to understand the billionaire’s statements. Some point to his ambivalence and believe that despite the poll, he will remain in office, and some wonder who will be the new CEO.

Journalist Steve Roden speculates that even if Elon Musk left, he would “still own Twitter, and find someone to do it every day.” This is argued by Gary Black of The Future Fund LLC, who believes: “Being the primary owner of Twitter and running it as CEO are two completely different things. If he quits, he can focus on Tesla“.

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