Elizabeth II’s surprise visit to open a metro line with her name on it

(London) Elizabeth II paid a surprise visit to the opening ceremony of the London Underground, which bears her name on Tuesday, in recent days to celebrate her 70-year reign and to augment her public appearance despite difficulties in moving.

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During this visit to the Paddington Tube Station in West London, in a yellow ensemble, with a hat, the 96-year-old Queen appeared with her youngest son, Edward, smiling with cane in her hands.

The opening ceremony of the Elizabeth Line, a new metro line connecting the eastern and western suburbs of the capital from May 24, is the Queen’s first official visit outside the Windsor area where she resides, after Mass in her memory. The late husband Prince Philip was in Westminster Abbey at the end of March.

Photo by Andrew Matthews, Agencies France-Press

The yellow group, wearing the appropriate hat, appeared with the 96-year-old Queen with her youngest son Edward with a cane in her hands and a smile.

Presently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “incredibly touched” by her presence.

As he suffered from health problems in the autumn and was admitted to the hospital following tests, its nature was never mentioned, and the general appearances of the king were rare. On Tuesday he was to be represented by Edward and a Buckingham Palace spokesman hailed his presence as a “happy development”.

On Sunday evening, Elizabeth II attended the equestrian event in Windsor, the first major event of her platinum jubilee celebrating her 70th year in office. Two days ago, he went to the same city for a prestigious equestrian competition, the Windsor Horse Show, in which many of his horses will compete.

These manifestations of sovereignty are in good condition, bringing signs of his commitment to participate in jubilee celebrations despite his movement problems in early June.

The Queen has canceled her visit to several important events in recent months, including the opening of Parliament, which she missed for the third time in her 70-year rule.

He was succeeded by 73-year-old Crown Prince Charles, who was first appointed there, bringing a new sign of change to the British monarchy as a result of his health problems.

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