Elisa Trebaa attended the premiere of the film.  We look at the face.  Is it really her?!

Eliza Trabaa Gained popularity in the program “Warsaw Beach”. Today, in terms of behavior and appearance, she no longer resembles a participant in a controversial show. Tribson’s wife has undergone a huge transformation. See for yourself how she presented herself at an industry event this week.

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Elisa Tribaca transformed at the ‘Code Name Poland’ premiere

in the program “Warsaw BeachElisa Tribbia reminds us of a party girl. She was wearing long blonde hair at the time PoetryVery strong and colorful makeup the design. The popular show brought her not only fame, but love, as there she met her current husband, Bowie “Tripson” Tribeca.

After the end of the first season of “Warsaw Shore” Elisa got pregnant, which certainly contributed to her appreciation, as she was willing to share the preparations to welcome children into the world on the Internet. Soon, she and her husband had a second daughter.

Tribson’s wife successfully used her fame for five minutes and is now a hugely popular influencer. He regularly posts private life snapshots on his Instagram profile, as well as photos from industry events. She recently bragged that she was with her husband at the premiere Movie Codename Poland. Especially for this occasion, she wore a short lace dress with high-heeled sandals. Poetry She left it melted and put on makeup that emphasized her eyes.

Premiere of The Codename PolandPremiere of The Codename Poland TRICOLORS EAST NEWS DOWNLOADED AUGUST 31, 2022

Looking at the new photos of Eliza, it is hard to believe that this is the same person who appeared in the first season of the “Warsaw Shore”. According to many people, celebrities love aesthetic medicine treatments very much. Over the years, she has enlarged her lips, and has also treated herself to correct the nose.

Eliza TrabaaEliza Trabaa Instagram / @elizka_trybala

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