elections in Germany.  Turnout less than four years ago

According to the Federal Election Commissioner, 36.5 percent had voted by then. Worthy. This is 4.6 percentage points lower than in 2017. However, many Germans now vote by correspondence.

Four years ago by 14 votes 41.1 percent due.

Federal Election Commissioner George Till explained: “As expected, the current turnout is lower than it was in 2017, as we are assuming a much higher proportion of mail-in voters.” These votes have not yet been taken into account and their participation will be “determined at a later date as part of the determination of the final election results.”

Polling stations in Germany will close at 6.00 pm, and then preliminary predictions for the results of the Bundestag elections will be announced. In pre-election polls, the SPD has led the way, ahead of the CDU/CDU by several percentage points.

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