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Following the controversy over the parody of “The Squid Game” in “El Reventonaso de la Zola”, He spoke up and used a moment from the show last Saturday to apologize for what happened.

As is well known, the Netflix series “The Squid Game” was parodied during the TV series, and the names of the characters were changed by the well-known dishes of Oriental cuisine. In this regard, the Ministry of Culture in a statement rejected any act of racism or discrimination.

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“Today we need to be more aware of the possibility of hurting certain groups with humor than ever before. Last week we parodied the ‘squid game’, where the characters introduced themselves, where we used behaviors that didn’t happen, and I apologize for that., Said Ernesto Bimentel.

Similarly, the creator of Chola Sabuka reaffirmed his determination to control himself in his project. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we will continue to learn with you.. We renew our commitment to continuing to provide the best music, comedy and popular arts. “, He noted.

Sorry Chola Sabuka

“I love this place so much, I value it so much, with the quality that I love so much and show me the best, we are going to do our best. The right words need to be followed and edited.”Added.

On the other hand, members of the Great International Orchestra and Pro Sentiment appeared on the last edition of the show. The male actors won the challenge inspired by “The Squid Game”. The band went to the American television show as part of its seventh anniversary celebration and promoted its next presentation in El Huarelino.

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Contact from the Ministry of Culture

Through its social networks, the Ministry of Culture has contacted various Asian communities for advice on any legal action. In addition, they categorically rejected any act of discrimination or racism.

The text urged the entire population to respect the cultural diversity in Peru. “Our Indigenous or Indigenous Peoples, both African-Peruvian and Immigrant Community”They mentioned in the letter.

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