March 21, 2023


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Einstein was right.  This was confirmed by scientists from Poland - O2

Einstein was right. This was confirmed by scientists from Poland – O2

Scientists from UPWr and the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed the famous physicist’s theory, using over 3 years of continuous observations from over 100 stations. We are talking about observatories located on all continents, which constantly track about 80 GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity was earlier validated with the help of clocks Nuclear power plants installed on satellites. However, no one has yet been able to prove the changes in the size and shape of the Earth’s satellite orbits predicted by this theory. And to this day.

Newton’s theory of universal gravitation is sufficient to describe most phenomena and interactions observed in the universe. However, Newton’s theory cannot cope with the description of the motion of very massive objects, such as neutron stars or black holes, as well as particles that move very quickly at a speed approaching the speed of light, we read on the institute’s website.

According to UPWr specialists, Einstein completely changed “our thinking about gravity, as well as about time and space.” They explain that until now no one has been able to measure changes in the geometry of spacetime, and therefore the orbits of satellites, because they are so small.

To confirm the validity of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the European Space Agency funded a research project in which Polish scientists participated. As we read on the official IGiG website, recent research shows that in the most pessimistic form it can be said “Einstein was right with a probability of 99.64 percent”. You can read more about the success of Polish scientists in the latest issue of the journal GPS Solutions, published by Springer Nature.

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