Eight electric trucks for driving lessons – FH Electric in Dekra, Denmark

Electric motor remains the exception rather than the rule in trucks. After all, last year it covered only one and a half percent of the heavy European market (statistics here). However, in another country, there was an idea to teach new drivers how to drive on electric cars.

The Dutch made their first show in this region in the fall of last year. The Volvo FH electric tractor unit was then sent to Bremer Transport College for driving courses and certificates for 25 meter sets (article here). Now the Danish subsidiary of Dekra has joined, taking delivery of up to eight versions of the Volvo FH Electric, in the form of a dual-axle BDF chassis. Driving lessons on these trucks will also be provided, in addition to training to improve skills.

Dekra will distribute eight electric FH units among its schools located in different parts of Denmark. We are talking about facilities operating in Copenhagen, Nestved, Odense and Aarhus, that is, training students from the most populated areas of the country.

Until now, the Danish schools in Decra have used MAN TGS vehicles, of course with diesel engines. Where did the idea come from to invest about 2.5 million euros to partially replace them with electric cars? As the company itself explains, this solution is to prepare new drivers for the future of the transportation industry, while at the same time educating them on how to drive with different types of engines. Furthermore – and this is the quote – the electric motor will make it easier for students to focus on learning by eliminating vibration and noise.

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