Edita Gorniak was full of fear.  An unpleasant situation behind the scenes

Recently, it has been getting loud again about the singer. The skeptical star flaunted on social media a video where you can see a wall tearing poster telling us about the mouth and nose covering order. A real storm broke out in the Internet forums …

Speak: Writer and journalist Mikowaj Milk, who has described Edita Gurniak as a troublemaker. In his opinion, the matter should be dealt with by the police and the health department. Dr. Barbara Gershina shared a similar view, suggesting that celebrities sing better and not talk about medical topics when they have no idea about them. In an interview with “Fakt” she stated, inter alia, that these persons should be tried ex officio by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

However, this is not the end of the scandal. During one of the last concerts, a man appeared among the fans who stormed the stage and the concert facilities, demanding an immediate meeting with Edita and payment of the money owed.

Usually in such cases the manager intervenes, but Edita terminated the contract with him in July. So the situation became very nervous.

It seems that Edita found the “wrong people” again, because in 2016 she faced unpleasant situations related to renting a house in Mogilani near Krakow.

In this case, it is hard not to agree with Edita’s friends and parents, who for years have been telling her to stop renting apartments and buy something for herself and almost an adult now. Edita’s only son also lives in a rented apartment, and Edita’s only property is located in… Portugal!


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