March 30, 2023


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Edita Bazura Balbirash and Gray at the movie premiere.  Everyone is famous.  like a million dollars

Edita Bazura Balbirash and Gray at the movie premiere. Everyone is famous. like a million dollars

the first show Movie “Codename Poland” meant crowds of stars appeared on the red carpet. Among them appeared, among others the main actors: Antik KrulikowskiAnd the Cesare Bazora with wifeAnd the Boris Sisek with wife And the Maciej Musiałowski. Patterns caught our special attention Katarzyna Zelenska And the Edita Bazuri. wife Cesare Bazora She gave elegant and crazy in the gray ensemble.

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Cesare Bazura introduced restrictions on children. “Two hours”

Worm dwells in a villa for four million!

Edita bazura dusty gray. She chose a classic color, but no doubt boredom!

Cesare Bazora’s wife decided to choose a luxurious set that made a sensational impression on the wall. I wore gray higher Feathers in the style of those found in the largest fashion houses. That’s why she chose a gorgeous, ultra-chic, hip-length sweater. She looked great. There were gray pants in a suit-style point over and over again. A metal box and white shoes and we have a superhero look. We are very happy that Edita Bazora chose a fine comb. You can see that he keeps his finger on the pulse of fashion. I did well. It was the best design for the evening.

Edita Bazora, Cesare BazuraEdita Bazora, Cesare Bazura /

Katarzyna Zielińska looked like a wild meadow. There is something to get your eyes on

Katarzyna ZelenskaKatarzyna Zelenska /

Katarzyna Zelenska in dress The Polish brand looked great. I must admit that we haven’t seen the actress in such a divine edition for a long time. The flowery print perfectly matches the end of the holiday. It’s cute and nostalgic, but not comical. A soft bun helped here, which turned out to be a great fashion option. It didn’t distract us from the whole design idea, i.e. a gorgeous dress. For this simple sandals with transparent stripes in gray Circumstance We have perfect clothes.

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