June 9, 2023


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Edible cannabis tickets in the Berlin metro.  It may break the tension.  'completely legal'

Edible cannabis tickets in the Berlin metro. It may break the tension. ‘completely legal’

Berlin’s public transport company (BVG) has found a way for passengers in the German capital to unwind from the stresses of Christmas and COVID-19. BVG offers customers the option to purchase day tickets soaked in cannabis oil, which promise to have a “sedative effect” when consumed.

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What is in cannabis tickets?

Ticket price 8.80.000 euro Per piece, it’s made of edible paper and soaked in “no more than three drops” of hemp oil. BVG states that the oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. Unlike flowers, it does not contain toxic substances such as THC. The oil on the tickets – valid for 24 hours – says the operator – “completely safe for health” and “completely legal” with the ticket – reported the company.

This is not an advertisement for legalization

BVG announced that the promotion does not mean taking a public position in the debate about Title Legalization of marijuana. new The German coalition government, which was sworn in last week, has agreed to legalize recreational marijuana use. “We oppose all forms of drug use – whether illegal or legal,” the company said. However, she added, “We advocate a more open approach towards completely harmless substances. It has also been reported that hemp oil is essentially as harmless as sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, and olive oil.”

adidas sneakers with annual subway ticket

BVG has already become known for some devious marketing ploys. Hundreds of people ventured into long early morning queues in 2018 when BVG introduced a limited pair of adidas sneakers that could also be used as an annual subway ticket. Shoes with an annual ticket are usually 761 euro, was sold in I appreciate €180 and wore the same design as the seat covers on U-Bahn trains in Berlin.

The text was published on the Deutsche Welle website. you can read it You are.

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