Eco pea charcoal is hard to find in the PGG store.  PGG issued a statement

Coal from PGG is considered the best in Poland. In terms of quality, it is second to none. Therefore, vigilant customers are watching what is happening in the PGG store, which presents the entire range of Polska Grupa Węglowa, and note that the availability of environmentally friendly charcoal is very difficult. This type of coal appears for sale on the specified date 8 and after a few minutes it becomes unavailable even though its price is the highest. What’s going on?

Is eco pea charcoal available at PGG?

Eco-pea charcoal is currently the most sought after type of charcoal. This is because many residents took advantage of subsidies to replace their old Cinderellas with environmentally friendly ones and bought environmentally friendly coal boilers. Today, they are the ones who complain that they don’t have the chance to buy ecological pea charcoal from PGG store.

– I go to PGG every day and not once have I been able to buy eco pea charcoal. Sometimes I see it available, but when I go to the checkout it’s already gone. No chance of buying it – one customer complains.

How and where to buy cheap coal? This solution is good and much cheaper. be seen…

Eco pea charcoal at the PGG Shop

Polska Grupa Górnicza SA reports that it continuously sells to individual customers the entire current production of fuel coal. So there are no restrictions whatsoever. Heating coal is produced continuously in the mines of PGG SA and is maintained at an unchanged level of about 270-300 thousand tons. tons per month. PGG ensuring the sale of coal fuel to so-called end buyers of coal who use coal to heat homes remains the company’s priority.

– The Polska Grupa Górnicza SA online store works properly, and customers make thousands of successful transactions during each shopping session. Sales currently average from several to several thousand tons of coal per day, says Tomasz Glogoski, a spokesperson for PGG.

We will pay for coal in PGG with BLIK. New in the PGG Store

Where can you buy eco peas?

The PGG spokesperson also pointed to suggestions from customers who believe that a large portion of the coal produced by the mines is sold out of official circulation and goes directly to coal depots across the country, which then offer it at huge margins and at a great price. higher than in the PGG store.

In Poznan the starting price is 2490 PLN per ton, in Gdansk 2420 PLN per ton, in Warsaw from 1999 PLN per ton, which is not PGG ecological pea coal.

– Contrary to emerging doubts, the PGG SA online store remains the main distribution channel for coal heating for homes and apartments, – reports Tomasz Glogoski.

How to buy coal in PGG?

PGG ensured that coal sales were conducted continuously, 24 hours a day, as before. The goods are displayed on the store shelf twice a day: at 8.00 and at 15.00 and remain available to buyers until stocks run out.

In addition, on some days in August at 10 am, coal stock available in selected KDW warehouses is displayed in the online store as part of the inventory sale.

Is it profitable to buy coal in August?

Everything indicates that coal was the cheapest in the period from June to mid-August. In recent days, prices have risen in global markets. At the moment, it is not known if these moves will translate into the final price of coal produced by PGG.

Over a year ago, when the sale of charcoal fuel to households in the online store began on a large scale, PGG was encouraging and appealing to Polish customers to buy fuel as much as possible during periods of low demand during the year, eg in the spring after the end of the heating season.

The extraordinary increase in demand this summer was linked to attractive price offers in PGG SA’s online store, where customers bought more than half a million tons of heating coal from the company’s Silesian mines. We assure you that heating coals will be available for regular sale to customers of the online store also in September, autumn and in the following months.

How much does coal cost at PGG?

Currently, PGG coal, mined in Polish mines in Upper Silesia, is sold at competitive prices compared to coal imported from abroad, if quality is taken into account.

coal type coal price source of origin
Cube – Zimovit 1000 kg in bulk From 1170.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Walnut – Zimovit 1000 kg in bulk From 1,100.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Walnuts – Jankovići 1000 kg in bulk From 1,100.00 PLN KWK ROW (Jankuice)
Walnut – Rydułtowy 1000 kg in bulk From 1,100.00 PLN KWK Sosnica
Carolina Ecogrozyk Pallet 1000 kg (50 bags x 20 kg) From 1650.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Pieklorz Ekogroszek 1000 kg pallet (50 sachets x 20 kg) From 1650.00 PLN KWK Chualowicz
Pieklorz Ekogroszek big bag 1000 kg (bulk charcoal) From 1650.00 PLN KWK Chualowicz
Karlik Ecogrozik Big Bag 1000 Kg (Bulk Charcoal) From 1650.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Pieklorz Ekogroszek 1000 kg in bulk From 1,400.00 PLN KWK Chualowicz
Carlic Eco Pea Charcoal 1000kg in bulk From 1,400.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Ritubal Ecogrosic – Piast From 1,400.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Greenpal Ecomial From 1125.00 PLN KWK Piast-Ziwiet
Groszek 5-25 – Mysł.-Wesoła1000 kg in bulk From 1220.00 PLN KWK Misslois Wisola

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