Easy On Me, a video clip of Dolan signed by Adele, is exciting

That’s it, the wait was finally rewarded: Adele’s musical arrival was formalized with the release of the clip on Thursday evening. Easy for me, Mostly filmed in Sutton in the Eastern Township and directed by Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan.

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

According to credits posted on YouTube, 5 minutes 31 seconds, up to about two-thirds in black and white, benefited from Andre Durbin’s photo direction. In 2015, he and Dolan worked together Hello, A clip of a British singer who has amassed nearly 3 billion listeners on stage.

Easy for me, A nostalgic ballad that heals childhood wounds in the wake of divorce, gets millions of views per hour. Comes with a soft piano vocal planes that will delight the international star’s hardships. They look forward to new things from the album 25, Released six years ago. The reactions to Thursday night’s song and music video were almost all positive.

Adele, 33, announced on Instagram on Wednesday that her new album would be released on November 19th. Title, 30It has appeared in recent weeks in many iconic monuments in cities such as Paris, London and New York.

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