Earthquakes have been recorded on Mars

There have been 4.2 and 4.1 earthquakes on Mars – there They are five times stronger One of the largest previously recorded earthquakes on the planet.

Thanks to this research, we will be able to learn more about it The internal structure of Mars, particularly around its boundary between the planet’s core and the mantle. In the distant future, this knowledge can be used Build Martian bases or even mines.

The earthquake of magnitude 4.2 (designated S0976a) came from the area JM MarinerisWhich is characterized by huge valleys. Its depth is 7 kilometers! Previous satellite images documented the occurrence of dams Series of malfunctions and landslidesThis indicates the seismic activity of the area. There is a documented earthquake The first confirmed activity of this kind.

Scientists have not been able to determine the exact location of the second earthquake (marked as S1000a). However, it has grown up on the other side of the planet from the very beginning. It has been determined that seismic waves have crossed the fundamental boundary of Mars. The unique feature of this event was the fact that it was so Longest seismic energy ever recorded on Marswhich lasted 94 minutes.

Both earthquakes were found in the so-called “shadow area“- This is the other side of the planet where InSight is located. For the first time, the probe and sensors have recorded an earthquake for Mars. From this great distance.

The sensors were able to record these events thanks to PP and SS . wavesthat do not follow directly from epicenterBut reflected on the surface at least once.

“The event registration in the core shadow region is pA real step in our understanding of Mars‘ says geophysicist Savas Ceylan from ETH Zürich in Switzerland.

“[S1000a] It has a frequency spectrum very similar to the set of events we have defined as shallow earthquakesSo this event could have occurred very close to the surface,” says planetary seismologist Anna Hurleston from the University of Bristol in the UK.

He also adds, “S0976a looks like a lot of the events we’ve translated into Cerberus Fossei (wide fault zone) with a typical depth of about 50 km and it is likely that this event will have the same, deep source mechanism. “

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