Eagles: “Green Border” is the best Polish film of last year
Tonight we caught up with the winners of the Eagles Polish Film Awards. Only one statuette, but the most valuable – for the best Polish film of 2023 – went to “The Green Border” by Agnieszka Holland.

Eagles 2024: “Green Border” is the best

We're all proud that we made a film out of the need of the heart, the anger, the desperation, but also out of the hope that we can change something with this film. So I'm glad that you, the Academy, also gave us an award for this movie – said Agnieszka Holland as she greeted the eagle. A few dozen minutes earlier, the legendary director also received a statuette for her lifetime achievements.

“green border” It is a story about the refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. After moving to Podlasie, psychologist Julia (Maja Ostaszewska) becomes an involuntary witness and participant in the dramatic events on the Polish-Belarusian border. Aware of the risks and legal consequences, she joined a group of activists helping refugees camp in the forests in the emergency zone. At the same time, a Syrian family fleeing the civil war and their Afghan mentor, not knowing that they are tools of political fraud by the Belarusian authorities, try to reach the borders of the European Union. In Poland, fate will bring them together with Julia and the young border guard Jan (Tomas Flossok). The events taking place around them will force them all to ask themselves again: What is humanity?
He has won the most Eagles this year “Kos.” The Kościuszko western produced by Aurum Film won awards for direction, screenplay, supporting actress, costumes, make-up and sound.

Eagles 2024: Winners

European film
“in the triangle”

General discovery
Grzegorz Dybowski – “Nothing at all” (direction)

Radoslav Ošenio, Adam Szlinda, and Filip Krzyme – “Kos”

Film story series

Anita Brzozowska – “Kos”

Special costumes
Dorota Roqueblue – “Kos”

Katarzyna Sobanska, Marcel Slawski – “Philip”

Nicodem Shabior – “Philip”

Lukas Luke Rostkowski – “peasants”

the pictures
Mikhail Sobocinsky – “Philip”


Audience Award

Supporting the role of women
Agnieszka Grochowska – “Kos”

Support the male role
Thomas Schuchart – “Similar. Similar”

The main role is male
Eric Colm Jr. – “Philip”

The main role is female
Magdalena Celica – “Arch”

Mikhail Zelensky – “Kos”

Paul Masalona – “Kos”

“green border”

“Green Borders”: We speak with the film's director, Agnieszka Holland

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