EAgles Gala today on CANAL+
This year’s Eagles Gala will take place today, March 6, at the Polish Theatre, and the industry’s most important awards will be broadcast live on Canal+ PREMIUM and on CANAL+ online.

On March 1, during a ceremonial meeting in the CANAL + studio, the creators received the EAGLES 2023 Polish Film Awards nominations from the hands of the President of the Polish Film Academy, Dariusz Japonski. During the conference, we also met the Eagles’ first-ever winner of the year’s award. This year, composer Jan AP Kaczmarek received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The names of the other winners of the Eagles 2023 award will be announced during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Polish Film Awards, which will take place at the Polish Theater on March 6. The event will be broadcast on CANAL +, the Eagles’ official broadcaster. The broadcast of the ceremony will begin at 19.40 with a visit to the red carpet, followed by the award ceremony. Productions and co-productions of CANAL + Polska will contend for this year’s laurels, led by titles selected in the Film of the Year category. The silent twinsAnd “bread and salt” And “woman on the roof” and its productions, nominated in the Best Narrative Series category “minute of silence” And “Crow. It’s very dark in here.” – 34 nominations in total.

Transmissions on CANAL + PREMIUM can be viewed in the decoded band, while transmissions on CANAL + online will be available to subscribers of the platform.

Nominated films and series can be watched on the PREMIERY CANAL + service: https://pl.canalplus.com/lp/orly/and serials in Canal + online.

Detailed information and regulations for the Polish Film Eagles Awards are available on the website www.pnf.pl.

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