EA plans to expand the world of Battlefield
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December 2, 2021, 22:05

We know who will oversee the development of the Battlefield franchise following the departure of Faouzi Mesmar from EA DICE. Additionally, EA has shared its plans to create a fully functional Battlefield universe with the help of Respawn Entertainment.

The players welcomed Chudno Battlefield 2042 Only for the first time, a electronic arts (The game’s publisher) is already making plans for the future of the series. Most importantly, from Now Vince Zampella, co-founder of the studio Entertainment RepostAnd He will supervise the following installments of the course s Leaving Fuzego Al-Mismara Former Head of the Design Department at EA . says. In an interview with the site Game Spot Zampella announced that the new goal of electronics is to create an efficient world battlefieldIt will be developed by studios located in both the USA and Europe:

We will continue to develop Battlefield 2042, while discovering new types of experiences and business models that we can add to this brand to provide our players with even more amazing experiences. This universe is linked by common personalities and narratives. It is also built by our community because we use the power of status outlet and user-generated content that puts creativity in the hands of gamers.

In addition to his new position, Zampella will continue to fulfill her previous management responsibilities at Respawn. They are responsible for development Apex Legends and other unannounced studio projects, one of which is likely to be a sequel Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

In addition, Oscar Gabrielson, CEO of the EA DICE team, is also leaving to pursue a new project outside of EA’s brands. Zastpi go ma Rebecka Coutaz, who previously served as director of Ubisoft Annecy studio (responsible for, among other things, the latest Republic of Riders).

Interestingly, Marcus Leto, a man who has, among others, the design of Master Chief from the series Hello Now she’s creating a brand new band in SeattleWhich will focus on applying more novels in future titles from the universe battlefield and subsequent seasons Battlefield 2042. Ripple Effect Studios, responsible for Portal Mode, will be interested in adding new content to it.

In addition, EA plans to increase the number of developers taking care of the course battlefield. DICE, Ripple Effect Studios and the mysterious Lehto studio will all work to improve Battlefield 2042, for other projects from the universe that are currently under construction bf intended to serve as specific extensions of it. One of them is most likely targeting mobile devices Battlefield MobileBut who knows, maybe we’ll get a flawed strategy battlefield or possible Bad company 3?

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