E.K. Draconis.  The sun-like star exploded with tremendous force

EK Draconis is a star similar to our Sun. It has the same size and weight. Astrologers have been observing it for years, and researchers have said that such a powerful explosion has not been recorded on the Sun.

An explosion at the star’s surface is known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) from its atmosphere. As space expert Radosław Kosarzycki explains, when it occurs on the Sun, the star ejects huge clouds of plasma that travel at millions of kilometers per hour. An exceptionally powerful volcanic eruption in the Sun could lead to a global catastrophe.

Worryingly, the volcanic eruption is 10 times more powerful than ever. In addition, the energy from her spells spreads more quickly. Scientists are analyzing whether the Sun is capable of such activity. It is possible that the sun has experienced very strong flares in the past.

Source: radiozet.pl

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