Dying Light 2 with free DLC.  Developers bring new content again

Techland is not idle and not only fixes encountered bugs, but also provides new content in the second batch of its popular IP address. The latest DLC for site servers has been released – players can check out the next power-up pack.

Dying Light 2 has already had its first hits, but Studio Wrocław isn’t resting on its laurels. The developers are watching, working to eliminate all the problems and defects of the element and introduce new and small additions. We already had access to our first free DLC, but now players can download new files.

“Part 2 of the Body Pack is now available! Complete your peacekeeper uniform with a hat, shoulder pads, and gloves – available now! More details at http://Techlandgg.com!


Of course, about two weeks after the premiere, we should not expect a comprehensive extension that will add attractions to the next hours of gameplay, but remember that Techland announced 5 years of support for the title, thanks to which in the future we will receive add-ons that will provide completely new adventures. Despite the bug fixes, Dying Light 2 is getting new content packs – and these actions aren’t standard in our industry.

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