Dying Light 2 - Roadmap and Post-Release Content
January 25 2022, 21:20

Techland has shared plans to develop Dying Light 2. It appears that the title should be supported for at least 5 years. If all goes as planned, players will get the first story DLC during the summer break.


  • Techland revealed its development plan death light 2 Present the attractions that await players in the coming months.
  • We can count on at least five years of support for the game.
  • In June, we will receive our first paid expansion of the feature.

On the occasion of the imminent premiere of the homeland death light 2 z developers Techland They decided a statement ??road map ?? Matches, show what attractions await players in the coming months. Of course after that time?? as was the case with Sample ?? Creators will not give up production. On the contrary, they plan to support their latest work for at least five years.

Here's the post-release content for Dying Light 2;  This year's story DLC content - Illustration #1

?? Source: https://twitter.com/DyingLightGame/status/1485990844964429824/photo/1.

In February we will be getting “Inspired by Factions”. Free DLC. After a month, a set of challenges with the number one will come to the game, in the next we will have to wait until May. In the meantime, we’ll have a chain of events called the “infected mutation”. (This is also all part of the update). However, this June promises to be the most interesting, due to the first paid fantasy expansionthat will be in our hands on this date.

The attractions don’t end there. Then we get the second expansion story?? paid too?? Tons of weapons and new enemies. There will also be new missions, events, and stories, knowledge of Techland, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Until the first show death light 2 Only 10 days left (due Feb 4th). The title will be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One and PS4, and later it will also be available on Nintendo Switch (where it is cloud-playable). The ban on reviews will be lifted on February 2.

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