Dwayne Johnson talks about how Black Adam will change the future of DCEU
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July 28, 2022, 17:59

Black Adam is DCEU’s latest production, which will launch this year. However, will this movie have a significant impact on other events in this universe? Dwayne Johnson sheds some light on this issue.

Image source: Still from the movie trailer black Adam

From the first advertisements for the movie black Adam DC fans in the movie world wondered if the show would have any impact on other productions. After all, movies have prevailed lately as separate, disconnected stories.

Dwayne Johnson, the lead actor in the movie black AdamAnd the In an interview with the portal splash screen Uncover the influence of his hero on DCEU.

The film is a reflection of the director’s vision to create something different, something more devastating. black Adam Many events will begin in the DC universe, starting a new era in this world. It will be an era of anti-heroes, a new era of tone and history. We have a great opportunity to build the DC Universe with respect by listening to the fans who lead us.

The fast-paced productions from the DC universe seem to have a chance to completely change this universe. Fans have high hopes for SparkleAnd the As the main point of the plot is to be a well-known event from the comics flash point. The show is set to be in 2023, a complete reset of the DC universe.

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Admittedly, Warner Bros. She has big plans for her production out of the DC comic book world. It’s also shared by Dwayne Johnson, who admitted it last month black Adam It will be the beginning of many years of brand development.

black Adam It will premiere in theaters on October 19, 2022.

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