Dwayne Johnson says Warner Bros.  He didn't want Superman Henry Cavill back
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October 16 2022, 21:33

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson has attacked the authorities of the former Warner Bros. Claiming to be responsible for Hanry Cavill’s long absence from the role of Superman. According to the actor, under the current norm, DC is entering a completely new era.

Image source: Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, Warner Bros., 2013, Black Adam, Jaume Collet-Serra, Warner Bros., 2022.

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attention! The following script contains spoilers for the plot of Black Adam.

Henry Cavill made his movie debut as Superman man of steel, in 2013. Although not everyone liked the Zack Snyder show, most viewers believed that the British actor was actually created to play the most popular hero in pop culture history. Unfortunately, the cover that appeared in 2017 Justice Squad In a way, it closed the door for the character of Krypton to further develop in the DC universe. As a result, fans of the superhero were so bitter that they demanded his return – unfortunately, without results. Fortunately, this situation could eventually change thanks to…Dwayne Johnson.

Movie star black AdamAs part of promoting DC’s latest show, he participated in several interviews. during one of talks plural The Rock indicated that his main focus in this event black Adam This is “fan care”. He also stressed that it took six years to get Warner Bros. To bring Superman Henry Cavill back to DCEU (Across direct).

Interestingly, Johnson pointed out that the old leadership of the World Bank blames everything, which has repeatedly refused. However, it was the new management of the studio, according to the actor, that made this possible black Adam “To bring a new era in the DC cinematic universe” and thus give fans of Superman.

It doesn’t just serve black AdamBut it serves all the capital. […] And yes, phone calls and meetings, but man, it’s been years… it’s been six years to get it done. I will repeat it again – Six years ago, we first started talking about it and they kept saying no. Now that leadership is over, and we usher in a new era in the DC Universe by removing the old Johnson said.

Gwiazdor directly admitted that he regretted the absence of Superman from the DCEU, who in his opinion “has been out of the way for too long”. And because the last one a leak Suggesting the return of Man of Steel, it seems correct to say that Johnson is the one who can fulfill the wishes of fans regarding the red-headed hero.

Finally, let us remind you that Black Adam’s cinematic debut will take place on October 21. If you are interested in the show, follow this show Link You can learn a little more about the pre-release reviews.

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