During these hours it is better not to turn on the washing machine, dishwasher and oven.  When is electricity cheaper? [23.12.2022 r.]

Electricity prices are on the rise and according to experts, they will rise in the next few years. The induction hob and electric oven consume the most electricity. Not everyone is aware that energy suppliers have different tariffs that apply at specific times. When is electricity cheaper? It all depends on our electricity tariff and on the hours we use the electrical appliances. Check now in our photo gallery when electricity is the cheapest and when it is the most expensive during the day – it is better not to turn on the washing machine, dishwasher or oven.

Energy saving is currently one of the best ways to deal with the energy crisis. Every day there are moments when reducing consumption is more beneficial. When are electricity prices more expensive during the day and when are they cheaper? In some hours it is useful to reduce electricity consumption, thanks to which we will save on fees. There is a different time for each day.

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne www.pse.pl publishes information on the daily peak hours of electricity consumption. They appear every day before 5:00 pm and announce At what time is the highest electricity consumption expected for the next day?. The publication of the data is also an appeal for increased energy savings.

It turns out that at certain times of the day the demand for electricity is the highest, which leads to an increase in the energy production of conventional power plants. This is largely dependent on weather forecasts and the availability of conventional units. Thanks to this information, it is known at what times it is better to refrain from activities that require large amounts of energy, such as baking, washing or vacuuming.

What time of day is the worst time to cook or clean? It is worth knowing about savings on bills. With off-peak energy, you can pay up to 1/5 less!

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