Dunes in Imax 2D and 3D - Cinema operator listened to fan requests
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October 15, 2021, 22:00

It was scheduled to show Dune Denis Villeneuve ?? A. In cinemas that support Emacs only in 3D. However, the pleas of fans made Cinema City Poland decide to display the image in HD also in 2D.

Until the first show my debts Denis Villeneuve? There is still one week left in Poland, even though the movie debuted in the world today ?? However, the new adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert should be very popular in our country, because the main branch of the Cinema City chain og³osi³, ? At the request of a large group of fans debts It will be shown in supporting cinemas Emacs Both in 3D and 2D.

Dunes in Imax 2D and 3D - Cinema operator listens to fan requests - Illustration #1

Source: https://twitter.com/cinemacitypl/status/1448938852115259394.

The original plan depicted only the first. Nothing abnormal?? First reviews of a painting directed by Denis Villeneuve And they suggestedVisuals are the greatest strength of the business. However, not everyone likes to watch 3D movies. Everyone loves to experience “animated pictures” so ?? With the highest possible accuracy, this is ensured by Emax tapes. So you can go to the cinema to watch this version my debtswhich you like more.

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