Dune 2 is still the best movie at the box office in 2024. The director is disappointed with this

Sand dunes 2 The box office total is $711 million. This makes this film the highest-grossing film of 2024, and unfortunately recent releases continue to disappoint and gross less than expectations. The only sure thing that can top this scene is… Deadpool Wolverine (Due to pre-sale records, the US opening is estimated at more than $100 million.) Denis Villeneuve He is currently in Toronto where he received the award. There he was also asked about the box office problem.

Dune 2 is a box office record holder

Denis Villeneuve admits this I’m disappointed that Dune 2 is still #1 at the global box office in 2024.

-I hope other films succeed at the box office. I hope that these numbers will improve significantly sooner or later.

The closest yet My debts 2 It is the second largest result of 2024, that is Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire. So far, it has earned $567 million on a budget of $130 million.

Film creator My debts He also added the following words:

We need films that represent a cinematic experience and take full advantage of the power of cinema. I’m not just talking about Dune 2. Of course, this applies to many films. For example, Civil War is a good example of something that uses the advantages of cinema.

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