'Dual aggression': Candidates encouraged to intimidate, says Charles 'Leader'

Charles Montigny, former candidate, at Richard Martineau’s microphone on QUB RadioDual careerFriday criticized the hypocrisy of the reality show’s production, saying it encourages participants to engage in “inappropriate”, “toxic” and “bullying” behaviour.

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“I see a lot of hypocrisy in manufacturingDual careersaid Charles Montigny, a former candidateOD with us.

“I’m willing to put my hand to the fire that the production now reveals that behaviors are encouraged in confessionals that are toxic,” said the former social worker.

Charles Montigini was the laughing stock of social networks in his time OD with us For repeatedly being the “head” of the house of companions.

“In the interview, I was repeatedly encouraged to be a leader in homes, he revealed. In confessions, researchers, commentators and even the host of the program put things in your head and then do it with a big smile on their face.

“They said, ‘How do you feel about being a leader?'” Charles explained. The young man took that question and in a way had to answer it in the same terms, according to him, to push him into this role that the public mocked him for.

Charles Montigny elaborates on the current situation surrounding the trio who were ostracized due to intimidation. “I’m not saying they didn’t have bad behavior, but they were in a system where most people wouldn’t be themselves.”

“It evokes, I wouldn’t say ‘shock’ because the word is a bit extreme, but it brings up negative thoughts,” he admitted.

Sometimes getting positive feedback from the product about “bad or inappropriate” behavior is the hardest part for him.

“TO ODThe feedback you get isn’t about being a good person, it’s about putting on a good show,” Charles said.

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