drought in Poland.  IUNG: Agricultural drought across the country.  All crops observed are affected

There is an agricultural drought in 16 provinces – according to the latest report from the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Agriculture (IUNG). Experts reported that all crops monitored were affected.

According to the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Agriculture (IUNG), drought affects the cultivation of maize for silage, maize for cereals, fruit bushes, legumes, potatoes, field vegetables, tobacco, hops, sugar beets and fruit trees.

The report shows that the largest water deficit was recorded in the area of ​​the Trzebniki bridge and the Luboski Odra gorge, on average it reached -160 to -229 mm. In addition, a very large deficiency was also found in the central part of the Masurian Lake District (from -160 to -219 mm) and in the Greater Poland Lake District and in the western part of the Pomeranian Lake District, as well as in the Greater Poland Lowlands and the Słowiński Coast. The values ​​of these areas ranged from -160 to -209 mm.

Only slightly smaller water deficits were recorded in the Sandomierz Basin and in the Piotrkowska Plain. According to IUNG, it ranged from -160 to -199 mm. The criteria for water shortages in individual parts of the country relate to the period from June 21 to August 20, 2022.

The magnitude of the drought is determined based on the average value of the Climatic Water Balance (CWB).

drought in all provinces

The report stated that the water shortage in a large part of the country ranged between -110 and -159 mm. On the other hand, in the eastern part of the Lake Pomeranian and in the western and eastern Masurian Lakeland, in the Sudeten Foreland, in the Małopolska and Lubelska Uplands and in the Podlasie Lowlands, the water shortage was smaller, ranging from 0 to -109 mm.

“As a result of the humidity conditions that occurred in the tenth reporting period, we found an agricultural drought in all provinces” – confirms IUNG.

The greatest amount of agricultural drought was observed among fodder maize crops

How to save waterDoor

Agricultural Drought – Definition

As defined by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, agricultural drought is defined as the period when soil moisture is insufficient to meet the water needs of plants and conduct normal agricultural management.

Hydro-climatic balance for the period from June 21 to August 20 2022IUNG-PIB

Main image source: Shutterstock, IUNG-PIB

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