Drivers already pay more to use the A2 in Wielkopolska

As of 6 a.m., new tolls apply on the motorway.

Only motorcyclists can enjoy this information, for whom riding on our county highway is much cheaper than before as of Thursday. Instead of PLN 26, they pay only PLN 14 – a new class of vehicles was created for them and thus separated from passenger cars.

All other A2 users have no reason to be happy. Passenger car drivers pay PLN 28 for each of the 50-kilometre sections starting at 6.00 am, PLN 2 more than before. The fee for Class II cars has increased from 39 PLN to 43 PLN, and for Class 3 cars – from 60 PLN to 66 PLN. Class IV cars pay PLN 100 instead of PLN 91, and PLN 280 instead of PLN 260 for Class V vehicles.

– The change in prices is dictated by the increase in the cost of current maintenance, the cost of financing – servicing loans and the cost of ongoing and planned investments. Increases in the prices of materials and services in various branches of the economy record the highest levels in history – reported AW. – The current index of rates is lower than the current inflation readings and price changes on other sections of public roads and amounts to 7.6%. up to 10.2 percent, depending on vehicle class – she added.

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